Anti Ragging Squad

An Anti Ragging Squad consisting of the following committee members to deal with all matters concerning ragging:

1. Assoc. Prof. U.G. Nevagi, HoD ETC Engg. Dept.

2. Prof. Dr. S. J. Bhasha, ETC. Engg Dept.

4. Asst. Prof. Saiesh N. Prabhu Verlekar, I.T. Dept

5. Asst. Prof. Sweta Kamat, Comp. Engg. Dept

6. Asst. prof. Ashwini Shahpurkar, E.T.C. Dept.


Prof. U.G. Nevagi, HOD (ETC) shall act as the Head of the Anti Ragging Squad All students intending to complain on ‘ragging’ are advised to approach the above Squad, to begin with, for redressal of their grievances.