“Our Institute has endeavoured to develop a sense of ethics, discipline, dedication, devotion and commitment in its students.”

Shri. Subhash A Shirodkar
Chairman of Shivgram Education Society

Science and technology have been the foundation for advancement of civilizations. With improved communications between the societies,the mankind, as a whole, has benefited from the fruits of science and technology, not withstanding from where this advancements initially came. Recent advances in communication and transportation have enabled man to ensure speedier and more efficient transfer of technologies over long distances and across continents. This has resulted in distances being virtually ‘insignificant’. In reality, the relevance of the distance is increasingly becoming ‘ inconsequential ‘ resulting in ‘shrinking world’, the “Globe” being transformed into a village.
Growth of science and technology and its application to the development of mankind call for enormous manpower-properly equipped and capable. Shri Rayeshwar Institute of Engineering And Technology endeavors to shape the youth of Goa to face these challenges. The Institute’s mission is to prepare the graduating students to be ‘Global Citizens’ and to technologically contribute the benefit of mankind.

Established in 2001, the Institute predominantly caters to rural and suburban youth of Goa. It is managed by Shivgram Education Society (SES) and has the benefit of leadership of Shri Subhash A. Shirodkar a dedicated social worker from shiroda. The society believes in ‘Service through Education’ and endeavors to serve “less privileged and less exposed” Goan youth by bringing modern technological education to their doorstep.

SES’s efforts to spread education are comprehensive. The establishment of five educational institutions by the society stands tes’imony to its commitment to the motto of service and cause of education, in letter and spirit. The society looks forward to ensuring these institutions becoming educationally vibrant and excellent in the years to come.

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