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7th International Conference on IT & Business Intelligence

The competitive forces prevailing in the world of commerce today require firms to operate as efficiently and productively as possible in order to maintain and enhance market share, profitability and shareholder value. An essential element to achieving success involves the continuous  enhancement of knowledge and understanding of the business environment by employees at all levels. This can be accomplished by implementing processes which augment the accessibility and communication of value added information throughout the organization. As a result there has been an increased demand for cutting-edge information technology by businesses in all industries. So, to fulfill our present and future requirements and ambitions in all respect of life, it is essential enhance our expertise to link the power of today’s information technology with the tools of economic theory and business strategy. This conference aims at providing a common platform for academicians, researchers, practitioners, developers and users to disseminate knowledge, and share expertise and experience. It will also throw new lights on various developments and formulate strategy for their implementation.

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Institute provides financial assistance & support to its final year students & faculty members to encourage them to participation in various Research & Development Activities in core and applied areas of Engineering & Technology. Each Department puts extra initiatives to arrange common research facilities, information sources for upcoming Research activities, faculty & student participation in Conferences/Seminars, workshops, symposium and lecture series in emerging areas and research initiation.

  •  Faculty members and students published more than 100 Technical/ Research Papers in reputed International and National journals and proceedings of International / National Conferences

  •  Faculty members of the Institute are appointed as the referees and members of Editorial Boards of National and International journals and conferences.

  • Faculty members have also published International Book & Chapters in Research Book.

  • Student’s Research paper of title “Automatic Power Failure Detection & Auto Switching using wireless System”, published in IEEE explore. (published first time in State by UG level students)

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