Candidate List for September/October 2020 Examinations



RC 19-20


RC 16-17

Semester- I to IV

Semester- V to VIII

RC 07-08

Semester -I to IV

Semester -V to VIII


Details mentioned in the provisional candidate list, like papers applied, email id, WhatsApp phone number etc. to be verified by the student as these details will be used for the upcoming September/October 2020 Examination for sending Question Papers. Incase of any discrepancies kindly contact  respective faculty members, latest by Friday 25.09.2020
Sem-I & II (All Courses): Prof Sandesh Mardolkar-9421156177
ETC Sem-III to Sem-VIII  : (RC 2007-08 and RC 2016-17): Prof. Veena Gaonkar- 8788359884 
COMP Sem-III to Sem-VIII : (RC 2007-08 and RC 2016-17): Prof Chaman Kumar- 9503552168
IT  Sem-III to Sem-VIII (RC 2007-08 and RC 2016-17): Prof. Manjusha Sanke-9422440618