From The Principal’s Desk

Prof.(Dr.) Shailendra aswale

“Shivgram Education Society’s Shree Rayeshwar Institute of Engineering and Information Technology was established on September 17, 2001 with its 30 acre campus and is located on top of the lush green Kamaxi hill. Shri. Subhash Shirodkar, Chairman of Shivgram Education Society, envisaged an engineering college to cater to the needs of the youth.

RIT-GOA aims at providing quality professional education with a strong industrial symbiosis. The Institute is named after ‘Rayeshwar’, patron and the God of the people of Shiroda. The institute’s motto ‘Empowerment through Technology’ is a step ahead in the direction of the Society’s endeavour,’ Empowerment through Education.

The Institute is constantly turning itself to be competent in the field of education with respect to present scope and challenges in the field of engineering and technology; with upgraded academic programmes, thus providing a cutting edge in the market.

With emphasis on industry requirements and curriculum tailored around fast changing information technology, the college has consistently produced a crop of able technocrats. The students are equipped with the necessary skills and work ethos to tackle any challenge that the industry throws at them.”

Dr. Shai]endra Aswale


Ph.D (CSE), MTech (CS), BE(Elect.)

From Chairman’s Desk

Shri Shubhash A. Shirodkar

Chairman, S.E.S

“Our Institute has endeavored to develop a sense of ethics, discipline, dedication, devotion and commitment in its students.”

Science and technology have been the foundation for advancement of civilizations. With improved communications between the societies,the mankind, as a whole, has benefited from the fruits of science and technology, not withstanding from where this advancements initially came. Recent advances in communication and transportation have enabled man to ensure speedier and more efficient transfer of technologies over long distances and across continents. This has resulted in distances being virtually ‘insignificant’. In reality, the relevance of the distance is increasingly becoming ‘ inconsequential ‘ resulting in ‘shrinking world’, the “Globe” being transformed into a village.