Find Yourself

“Knowing yourself is the beginning of all wisdom”.Every person on this earth is born with god’s gift. All of us have some hidden talent, of which some are aware of and rest not.If you know it, you are lucky and happiest person on the earth.

As this is an era of internet technology, everything just runs on the fingers.People are so busy in using the laptops or mobiles.People have become so busy in their life, that they have forgotten their talent and got themselves trapped in this web of internet.It has been essential to release them from this trap and help them to enjoy the flavor of life.People has to identify their talent, which has been buried under their day to day life activities.Ex. hidden talent of doctor can be , he be a good cook. An engineer may be a good singer etc.

Some of the ways to discover your hidden talent are:

1.Listen to others.

2.What you enjoy the most.

3.Ask your family what you loved as child.

4.Look your both strengths and weakness.

5.Try things that are easy.

However, finding yourself does’nt restrict you to hidden talent or hobby.It can also mean finding your position or where you stand.It emphasize on what is your position in any field and how can you upgrade it.Regarding the same , there are two instances.First,there was a boy who got block in the eight semester of engineering, as he was not taking the studies seriously and was engaged in other activities.Further, that block became the turning point in his life.He didn’t allowed his self morale to go low.Due to encouragement from his teachers, friends and family, overcome all his faults and next year, he became the topper of his class.Second example of a  boy from high school.Till SSC preliminary exam, he was an average student, but never came in first 10 in his class.Encouragement from teachers and family members made him realize that he can be one of the first five rank holders.He identified his position and capability. Further he took required efforts to fulfill the challenge.Finally, the result was that he came first  in the school for SSC board exam.The dedication towards study and efforts gave him the required fruit.These situations tell us that whatever we want, we can achieve, only required is mind’s willingness.

Another way of finding yourself  may be adjusting to the present situation in which you are living.It is not true that, if you have all the facilities than only you will prosper in the life or you will get good marks.All depends on you alone, whether you are ready to face the situation or want to curse it.Every rich people’ s children are  not always intelligent or highly qualified.We alway get to read in newspaper that the boy living in slum cracked the UPSC exam or a son of rickshaw owner gets a good salary job in MNC etc.These are the people who overcome the situation, finds their inner capability and succeed in life. All should learn from such people, after  having all the facilities can not utilize it properly.One  instance , illustrating the same.There was a boy from poor background, with five siblings and had lost his father. They were not even getting their daily food. But he was hardworking and curious to learn new things on his own.He was doing any work that was given by his neighbour. In return , neighbor was teaching him and giving the leftover food.By god’s grace and help from neighbour’ s and good helping teachers, he cleared his all exams. Finally, he got a good job in reputed company. From there his growth chart started , but still was helpful to others and remained ground to earth.

So,Think about your current situation, accept the reality.When you accept the reality,you give yourself the power to create the change that you want.Sometimes you cannot change situation, then change your attitude.Finally, you are the creator, everything exists in you. Only requirement is to Find Yourself, to be happy, satisfied, successful & to achieve greater heights.



By: Prof. Harsha Chari

Asst. Professor ,

Computer Engineering  Department