Goa University Examination: July/August 2021-Application Forms

Goa University Notificaton(Dated-30.06.2021)

Fee structure and Application Form Links

Fees and Fees Payment Details

Prescribed Examination Fees For Goa University RC 2007-08

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Prescribed Examination Fees Structure RC 2016-17 (First Appearance)

Prescribed Examination Fees structure RC 2016-17 (Second/Subsequent appearance)

Prescribed Examination Fees RC 2019-20(First Appearance)


Prescribed Examination Fees RC 2019-20-SEMESTER-I(REPEATER)

Prescribed Examination Fees RC 2019-20-SEMESTER-II(REPEATER)

Prescribed Examination Fees RC 2019-20-SEMESTER-III(REPEATER)

Steps & Instructions for Semester Examination Fees Payment

Application Form Links

RC 2007-08

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Sem-I Application Form (RC2007-08)
Sem-II Application Form (RC2007-08)
Sem-III Application Form (RC2007-08)
Sem-IV Application Form (RC2007-08)

RC 2016-17

Sem-I Application Form (RC2016-17)
Sem-II Application Form (RC2016-17)
Sem-III Application Form (RC2016-17)
Sem-IV Application Form (RC2016-17)
Sem-V Application Form (RC2016-17)
Sem-VI Application Form (RC2016-17)
Sem-VII Application Form (RC2016-17)
Sem-VIII Application Form (RC2016-17)

RC 2019-20

Sem-I Application Form (RC2019-20)
Sem-IIApplication Form (RC2019-20)
Sem-III Application Form (RC2019-20)
Sem-IV Application Form (RC2019-20)