III Cell

Institute Industry Interaction Cell (III-Cell)

Institute Industry Interaction Cell (III-Cell) is constituted with the following committee members mentioned below under the charge of Mr. Viren Pereira, Assistant Professor (GEN. Engg.Dept.) to facilitate the process of close industry-institute interaction and promotion of fresh avenues for the same. Institute Industry Interaction Cell (III-Cell) at RIT strives to enhance industry interaction with students and bridge the gap between academia and corporate world. III-Cell invites RIT Alumni working as industry experts, entrepreneurs & executives, and other experts, policy makers to interact with students thereby facilitating practical learning and value added knowledge sharing through activities viz.: Guest lecture Serise, Industry Visits, Student Internship and Training, Interactive workshops, Personality Development and Grooming Sessions.

III-Cell shall work to nurture the relationship with Industry experts available on RIT Panel and other Industry Persons to ensure their continuous participation in student’s Project Supervision, Project Evolution/Review Process. III-Cell shall also invite Industry experts to participate in students Technical activities, Research conference and seminars, Alumni meets, any other related activities to be organized in the institute.


 Asst. Prof. Viren Pereira, GEN. Engg. Dept – Faculty In-Charge


 1. Asst. Prof. Vishwaraj Parrikar, E.T.C. Engg. Dept  – Member

2. Asst. Prof. Darshata Gopu Naik, E.T.C. Engg. Dept – Member

3. Asst. Prof. Nilam Ankush Sinari, I.T. Engg. Dept– Member

MoU & Collaboration with Industries

 Infosys India Limited

 Micro Soft India Incorporation – Campus Agreement

 Google India Limited – Through G.G.T.

 I-Create India – for entrepreneurship activities

 Goa Chamber of Commerce & Industry

 Goa Commerce Association

Industrial Activities & Support

• Industry Sponsored Students Project Work

• Employability enhancement Industrial Training Programmes under Infosys Campus Connect.

• Faculty Development Programme under Infosys Campus Connect.

• Collaborative Research work under Infosys Campus Connect

• Students Internship Programme

• Guest Lecture, Seminars, Workshops in collaboration with Industries