Out-bursting Fear

Using subconscious mind to remove fear

It has been said that people’s greatest enemy is fear. Fear is behind failure, sickness, and poor human relations. Millions of people are afraid of the past, future, old age, insanity and death. But fear is a thought in your mind. This means that, you are afraid of your own thoughts.

A small child can be paralyzed with the fear when a playmate says there is a monster under the bed who will grab him in the night. But when the parent turns on the light and shows him there is no monster, he is freed from the fear. The fear in the mind of the child was every bit as real as if there was really a monster there. He was healed of a false thought in his mind. The thing he feared does not exist. In the same way, most of your fears have no reality, they are merely a conglomeration of shadows and shadows have no reality.

When one affirms positively, that I am going to master my fears, and you come to a decision in your conscious mind, you release the power of subconscious mind, which flows in response to the nature of your thought.

In this article we will deal with the fear of stage fright.

To understand how to use power of subconscious mind for banishing stage fear we will go through the case study of Janet R., a young opera singer whose career has been side-tracked by a terrible case of stage fright. When she was invited in the auditorium for a major role in opera production, she realized that it might be well a last chance at success. Yet her stage fear was as powerful as ever. Unless she managed to deal with it. She knew she would fail once again.

The way she overcame her fear was to isolate herself in a room and to do her best to relax both her body and mind. To counteract the fear suggestion that dominated her subconscious mind, she repeated slowly, quietly, and with feeling the words, “I sing beautifully, I am poised, serene, confident, and calm.” She repeated these words from five to ten times at each sitting. By the end of one week she felt poised and confident. When the time came, she gave an outstanding audition. If you adapt this procedure to your situation and carry it out sincerely and confidently, the death of fear is certain.

This article is written as a appreciation for one of our first year student who is my mentee who took the courage to discuss her fear of stage fright got guidance and method and she then participated in presenting vote of thanks for event and now bumming with new found confidence innate in her.





Compiled By: Prof.Veda Kamat Mhamai

Assistant Professor,

Department of Science & Humanities