RIT has established the well equipped Training & Placement Cell to provide employment opportunities, world class skill development trainings in leading Multinational Companies. T&P Cell has been achieving very successful campus placement record for its graduates. On ‘Day 1’ of company to recruit RITians is the Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) through Campus Placement Drive. Our regular recruiters include i.e. Tech-Mahindra, Persistence Systems, Syntel India, Indian Army, Mphasis, IBM & many more.

Unique Features

    • Already achieved 100% placement record for eligible students.
    • Industrial Training Programmesdesigned by Infosys India Limited under Campus Connect Programme to include latest IT industrial practices along with regular academic activities. (Infosys shortlisted & selected only RIT-Goa to impart collaborated job oriented training on Industrial & latest technologies in the state of Goa to develop RIT Students Industry Ready).
    • Recognized by Tata Consultancy Services (TCS), Infosys India, Tech-Mahindra, Persistence Systems, Syntel India, Mphasis, IBM, Indian Army, Intelligent Quotient Security System Pvt. Ltd., Tudip Technologies and many more multinational companiesto recruit students of RIT through Campus Placement Drives.
    • 20+ Industrial tie-upsfor Industry Sponsored Live Project Work by Students during Final Year of Study.
    • 5thSemester onwards Industrial Internship Training Programme during semester breaks.
    • Entrepreneurship Skill Development through Trainings & Workshops in association with NIT-Goa, Goa Chamber of Commerce & Industries (GCCI), Goa Commerce Association (GCA) & I-Create India.
    • Guidance & support through the Network of more than 2000 Alumni as successful professionals in Industries, Multinational and Entrepreneurs.
    • Continuous Guidance & one to one Interaction with Industrial Experts through value added programs Guest Lectures, Seminars, Workshops, and Training Programmes etc. 

Placement Activities  for the Year 2019-20

Date Name of Company ELIGIBILITY Number of Students Eligible Number of Students appeared Number of students selected
26.07.2019 Indus Valley Partners 60% 35 35 nil
08.08.2019 Persistent System Limited, Goa 60% 35 34 05
07.09.2019 Tata Consultancy Services, Tane-Mumbai. 60% 48 48 04
26.09.2019 CheggIndia, Bangalore No Criteria All 138 24
30.09.19 Investment Bulls, Panaji No Criteria All 126 31
04.10.2019 IBM, Bangalore No Criteria All 79 09
15.10.19 Jaro Group, Mumbai No Criteria All 00
18.10.2019  Wipro, Bangalore 60% 48
30.01.2020 Worley Systems 70% ETC 05 00
31.01.2020 In-Between Software Development Pvt. Ltd., No Criteria COMP/IT 80 03
07.02.2020 Anant Infomedia Pvt. Ltd. No Criteria All 80 06
19.02.2020 One-Shield Software Pvt. Ltd No Criteria COMP/IT 73 02
26.02.2020 Seventh Sense Talent Solution No Criteria All 09
27-28 Feb 2020 Cap Gemini, Bangalore 60% All 08
03.03.2020 Tangentia 03
13.03.2020 Silver Link Technologies No Criteria COMP/IT
16.03.2020 Abeyti Software, Bangalore
17.03.2020 Qspiders No Criteria All
Infi-Pre 01
15.07.2020 Byjus, Bangalore All 35 02


You All Made our RIT Family Proud!!!!!!

List of Placed Students(2019-20)

Sr. No

Name Branch


1 Diptesh Naik ETC Tata Consultancy Services, Mumbai
2 Anand Lamani IT Tata Consultancy Services, Mumbai.
3 Aaisha Khan IT Tata Consultancy Services, Mumbai
4 Pooja Shah IT Tata Consultancy Services, Mumbai
5 Jane Crystal Rodrigues COMP Persistent System Ltd., Goa.
6 Pragati Naik COMP Persistent System Ltd., Goa.
7 Sherwin Fernandes COMP Persistent System Ltd., Goa.
8 Sharmad Bhat COMP Persistent System Ltd., Goa.
9 Pooja Shah IT Persistent System Ltd., Goa.
10 Shraddha Naik IT CheggIndia, Bangalore
11 Druvil Shah COMP CheggIndia, Bangalore
12 Shruti Shivraman IT CheggIndia, Bangalore
13 Vidyashree Hanchinal COMP CheggIndia, Bangalore
14 Raghvendra Pujari IT CheggIndia, Bangalore
15 Amrita Sambary COMP CheggIndia, Bangalore
16 Priti Ghulapannavar IT CheggIndia, Bangalore
17 Rohit Shet Mandrekar COMP CheggIndia, Bangalore
18 Dilisha Tendulkar COMP CheggIndia, Bangalore
19 Jane Rodrigues COMP CheggIndia, Bangalore
20 Vishal Sawant Dessai IT CheggIndia, Bangalore
21 Ritesh Gupta IT CheggIndia, Bangalore
22 Anush Kotharkar IT CheggIndia, Bangalore
23 Shreya Gaonkar COMP CheggIndia, Bangalore
24 Anjali Kumar IT CheggIndia, Bangalore
25 Nameet Mankar COMP CheggIndia, Bangalore
26 Sharmad  Bhat COMP CheggIndia, Bangalore
27 Pooja Keserkar COMP CheggIndia, Bangalore
28 Shivani Pednekar IT CheggIndia, Bangalore
29 Gauri Kurpaskar IT CheggIndia, Bangalore
30 Flinn Rodrigues IT CheggIndia, Bangalore
31 Jane Rodrigues COMP CheggIndia, Bangalore
32 Komal Mourya COMP CheggIndia, Bangalore
33 Sharda Patil COMP CheggIndia, Bangalore
34 Aaisha Khan IT Investment Bulls, Panaji
35 Brandon Furtado IT Investment Bulls, Panaji
36 Eshwarya Gaonkar COMP Investment Bulls, Panaji
37 Nameet Mankar COMP Investment Bulls, Panaji
38 Sahil Mhamal COMP Investment Bulls, Panaji
39 Ashitosh Tilve COMP Investment Bulls, Panaji
40 Raju Vishwakarma ETC Investment Bulls, Panaji
41 Rhay Dias ETC Investment Bulls, Panaji
42 Shivani Pednekar IT Investment Bulls, Panaji
43 Salil Naik ETC Investment Bulls, Panaji
44 Vailan Pinto ETC Investment Bulls, Panaji
45 Ila Dhond IT Investment Bulls, Panaji
46 Arun Shetti ETC Investment Bulls, Panaji
47 Shruti Desai ETC Investment Bulls, Panaji
48 Navya Reddy IT Investment Bulls, Panaji
49 Aditya Naik COMP IBM,Bangalore
50 Flinn Rodrigues IT IBM,Bangalore
51 Vishal Sawant Dessai IT IBM,Bangalore
52 Eshwarya Gaonkar COMP IBM,Bangalore
53 Meenali Rane COMP IBM,Bangalore
54 Nisha Purohit IT IBM,Bangalore
55 Priti Ghulapannavar IT IBM,Bangalore
56 Ila Dhond IT IBM,Bangalore
57 Aaisha Khan IT IBM,Bangalore
58 Pranav Lotlikar COMP Anant Infomedia Pvt. Ltd.
59 Pratikesh Mandrekar COMP Anant Infomedia Pvt. Ltd.
60 Meenali Rane COMP Anant Infomedia Pvt. Ltd.
61 Deepak Patil COMP Anant Infomedia Pvt. Ltd.
62 Parth Dalvi COMP Anant Infomedia Pvt. Ltd.
63 Juliana Thayil IT Anant Infomedia Pvt. Ltd.
64 Mohan Kanoj ETC Seventh Sense Talent Solution
65 Nehaal Raicar ETC Seventh Sense Talent Solution
66 Sejal Pol COMP Seventh Sense Talent Solution
67 Saurabh Vernekar COMP Seventh Sense Talent Solution
68 Shivani Bandodkar COMP Seventh Sense Talent Solution
69 Ila Dhond IT Seventh Sense Talent Solution
70 Shivani Pednekar IT Seventh Sense Talent Solution
71 Amey Joshi IT Seventh Sense Talent Solution
72 Vishal Sawant Dessai IT Seventh Sense Talent Solution
73 Swati Bhat IT In-Between Software Development Pvt. Ltd.
74 Jay Bhonsle IT In-Between Software Development Pvt. Ltd.
75 Sahil Mhamal COMP In-Between Software Development Pvt. Ltd.
76 Jay Bhonsle IT Tangentia India
77 Jane Trinity Rodrigues COMP Tangentia India
78 Ashitosh Tilve COMP Tangentia India
79 Nisha Purohit IT Capgemini, Bangalore
80 Pooja Shah IT Capgemini, Bangalore
81 Raju Vishwakarma ETC Capgemini, Bangalore
82 Meenali Rane COMP Capgemini, Bangalore
83 Neha Kale IT Capgemini, Bangalore
84 Anuradha Joshi ETC Capgemini, Bangalore
85 Mioule Fernandes IT Capgemini, Bangalore
86 Hanchinal Vidyashree COMP Capgemini, Bangalore
87 Eshwarya Gaonkar COMP One-Shield Software Pvt. Ltd
88 Ashitosh Tilve COMP Appstrails, Bangalore
89 Shreya Gaonkar COMP Infipre, Goa
90  Amrita Sambary COMP Investment Bulls, Panaji
91  Mohamad Nadeem COMP Investment Bulls, Panaji
92  Divya Vaccaligara COMP Investment Bulls, Panaji
93  Ekansh Kumar COMP Investment Bulls, Panaji
94  Sharda Patil COMP Investment Bulls, Panaji
95  Tabasum Nadaf COMP Investment Bulls, Panaji
96  Hazim Khwaja ETC Investment Bulls, Panaji
97  Bhandenivas Naikodi ETC Investment Bulls, Panaji
98 Darshan Gaonkar ETC Investment Bulls, Panaji
99 Mohan Kanoj ETC Investment Bulls, Panaji
100 Vinayak Mhalvankar ETC Investment Bulls, Panaji
101 Neha Kale IT Investment Bulls, Panaji
102 Preeti Ghulappanavar IT Investment Bulls, Panaji
103 Ruksaar Anchanal IT Investment Bulls, Panaji
104 Amey Joshi IT Investment Bulls, Panaji
105 Mioule Fernandes IT Investment Bulls, Panaji
106 Mohan Kanoj ETC Byjus, Bangalore
107 Namratha Sheregar COMP Byjus, Bangalore

Placement Activities for the year 2018-19


Companies Visited


Indus Valley Partners (IVP), Bangalore


Code Vita 18 by TCS, Mumbai.

02nd & 03rd Sept. 2018

Tata Consultancy Services, Mumbai.


Persistent System Limited, Verna Goa.


Xoriant Solutions Pvt. Ltd., Pune.


Bidchat, Verna Goa


Capgemini, Mumbai


Gboxz Technologies Pvt. Ltd., Chennai, Tamil Nadu.


MPhasis, Pune

16 to 18 Nov. 2018

Wipro, Mumbai


IBM, Bangalore

6th & 7th Feb 2019

FAME Technologies, Banglore

14th Feb 2019

Hotel Hub, Bangalore

1st March 2019

MNC-Aurus, Pune

1st March 2019

Prototech, Pune

02th March 2019

Demand Farm, Raja software Lab , Pune

08th April 2019

BYJUS, Bangalore

09th April 2019

Open Destination, Panaji