Robotics: Shaping Our Future

It’s easy to get an impression of the way robots are changing our daily lives for instance, Amazon’s Vision of Drone Deliveries Now Involves medicines. In a catastrophic situation like COVID-19 such drones assist humans in many ways delivering food, medicines also in surveillance.

1. Robots in home-automation:

Cloud-connected home robots are already becoming part of our lives. We can set up the vacuum robotic cookers are able to fry, steam, bake, slow cook, and perform any other action without our intervention. We just set them up. These cloud-connected robots (ie alexa) are likely to evolve into more advanced version. We expect to see speech in the upcoming years. These developments may end up changing the entire look and feel of our homes!

2. Robots as Co workers:

In a manufacturing sector robot play a vital role in assisting humans and reducing man power also give precise work. Jobs like painting a car assembling sorting can be done at a high rate.

3. Robots in Warfare:

Robotics with machine vision has lead to development of war bots which assist the army navy and air force for military tactical operations. UGVs (Unmanned Ground Vehicle) help in assisting the army for hazardous operations like bomb defusing surveillance in a area of high radiation also giving a cover fire. Organization’s like DRDO are working towards developing such bots for defense system.

4. Robots in Healthcare:

We’re looking into a different future for healthcare, too. Instead of visiting a primary care physician who will give us a check-up with a simple stethoscope, we’ll have
intelligent robots performing these tasks. They will interact with patients, check on their conditions, and evaluate the need for further appointments. ECG scans X-ray reports could be more precise in detection with artificial intelligence. Robots also assist surgeons in carrying out risky surgeries.

So the question is will robots take our jobs?

The answer is “NO”, Robots are made only to assist humans and reduce human labor. They won’t take over human employment totally instead it will generate employment many robotics start-ups are emerging. Thus i can conclude that Robotics is a way to bright future!

By:Prof.  Diksha Gaonkar

Assistant Professor, ETC Dept,