Role of Technology In spreading awareness about covid-19

Covid-19 has caused havoc in the world today with thousands of citizen across the globe losing their lives against this deadly virus. According to a report USA has crossed a mark of 1 lakh. The cure for this virus is still under development so in such situations “precaution is better than cure”. And in order to take the precaution  the awareness to the masses is necessary. The Indian government has utilized the technology is right order to spread awareness amongst the masses.

When the issue started getting serious in early February, The caller tunes of all phones were given a caller tune or a message before that briefing the masses about covid-19 and its precautionary measures. They also gave out the symptoms and  the helpline number for the same. In a country of billions where cell phones plays a major a role this caller tune was a huge success and people who were not aware about it got the information from the meme pages on the same. Speaking about meme pages social media platforms have done a remarkable job in spreading awareness. Right from mails to instagram hash tags. Some social media platforms also started challenges like “stayhome” and so on .

One of the best ways to prevent the spread of this deadly disease is by social distancing and avoiding mass gathering. In a busy city like New York it was difficult to maintain the norms. So Netflix came with a solution where in the spoilers of the popular shows were posted on billboard. Another initiative was the series of competition and quizzes on the government platform. Goa Based engineering students developed an application that tracks the covid-19 graph. The app helped the general public to keep a close track on the same. Another web application telling you the distance between you and the last detected covid-19 patient was developed and has gained popularity amongst the youngsters. This tracker was developed by a Goan.

Technology like always did its part .On a higher note the data is being studied and conclusions are drawn and things are verified and re verified. This was all possible due to statistics and data science on a larger note. Chat bots briefing the masses about covid-19 was developed by the center and the state government. A self assessment test was also developed telling you the probability of one having covid-19. Technology did its part and its still advancing. All we can do is hope for the best.

Stay safe, stay hydrated

Compiled By: Steffy Alisha Fernandes

Assistant Professor


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