Secrets of Mobile Photography

Before smartphones came into existence, people is to buy a fancy camera and editing software for desktop computer, and invest some serious time and energy into learning how to use them.

Today, we have different smartphones coming from different brands having different camera setup. Smartphone companies are focusing on building a good smartphone with better camera. It is easier for us to take high quality photos and edit them using different editing apps available from google play easily through smartphones apart from making calls, chatting and surfing.

If you are passionate about photography then here are some ways in which you can improve your mobile photography.

  1. Use gridlines to balance your shot.

One of the easiest and best ways to improve your mobile photos is to turn on the camera’s gridlines. If you place points of interest in these intersections or along the lines, your photo will be more balanced.

  1. Set the focus and focus on one subject.

Today’s smartphones automatically focus on the foreground of your frame. To adjust where you want your camera lens to focus, tap the screen where you want to sharpen the view. Subject should not fill the entire frame and two-thirds of photo should be negative space.

  1. Find different perspectives.

Try taking photos from unique and different angle which will make them memorable. Also try taking a photo directly upward and playing with the sky as negative space.

  1. Play with reflections.

Seeing the sky reflected in a body of water. There is a reason why we love seeing that because our eyes are drawn to reflections. So look for opportunities to play with them in photos.

  1. Use leading lines.

There is a line that draws the viewer’s eye toward a certain part of the frame. Those are called leading lines. Leading lines are great for creating a sense of depth in an image.

  1. Look for symmetry.

In photography, symmetry usually means creating an image that can be divided into two equal parts that are mirror images of each other.

  1.  Avoid zooming in.

Zooming in makes the photo appear grainy, blurry or pixelated. Avoid zooming. Instead, try to get closer to your subject. But, if you are taking a photo of wild animal take the photo from a default distance and crop it later.

  1. Use natural light.

Take advantage of the sources of natural light whenever and where you can.

  1. Take candid.

Candid photos are better able to effectively capture the emotion and essence of a moment. Candid shots of people doing things, or people with people, can be far more interesting.

  1. Keep practicing and learn from your mistakes.

If you want to improve your photography skills, take as many photos as possible. Experiment with different aperture, shutter speed and ISO settings. Learn from your mistakes and keep clicking.


Compiled By: Prof. Saiesh Prabhu Verlekar

Asst. Professor

Department of Information Technology

SRIEIT, Shiroda