The Student Solar Ambassador Workshop

The Student Solar Ambassador Workshop, the seed concept of the Gandhi Global Solar Yatra, aimed to sensitize the young (future) generations who will be bearing the maximum burden of climate change. Their sensitization and participation as solar ambassadors in climate mitigation efforts are important. Over 80 countries took part in this event.
RIT Goa was registered as the workshop associates for the Gandhi Global Solar Yatra International event, organized by IIT Bombay. We at RIT conducted the workshop for 50 students on 2nd October 2019. Faculty members Mr. Chilton Fernandes and Mr. Shreeyank Jambhale conducted the training with the help of Mr. Diptesh Chari under the supervision of Prof. Shailendra Aswale. The students were made aware about the potential life threatening affects of climatic change that is affecting the whole world. Various facts of global warming were portrayed in front of them. The students were also briefed about various renewable and clean sources of energy that could reduce the carbon footprint in the atmosphere. “Small changes make big impact” was the message of the session which encouraged the students to do small changes to their daily routine which can save the planet Earth.
The students were then grouped in pairs. Each pair of students shared one solar lamp. They enthusiastically participated in the assembling of the lamp. The event ended with photo shoot where students proudly displayed the lamps they built.


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